Forward Cloud Solutions has joined the Rackspace® Partner Network to provide you with a portfolio of Hybrid Cloud solutions. Rackspace is a leading provider of hybrid clouds, which enable businesses to run their workloads where they run most effectively — whether on the public cloud, a private cloud, dedicated servers, or a combination of these platforms. For more information, visit www.rackspace.com.
Since Forward Cloud Solutions is a Rackspace Referral Partner, you can take advantage on your next hybrid cloud solution from Rackspace. Contact your partners at Forward to start saving now.

Why choose Rackspace?

sample-image Rackspace can offer you seamless, scalable cloud hosting services and back it with live fanatical support 24x7x365. Rackspace will provide you with your own team of experts serving your business as your IT professionals. The seamless scalability allows you to only pay for the data you need, never again worry about paying for storage that you never use or sizable fees for when you need more! There are no setup or maintenance fees and no surprise fees at all when you switch to Rackspace. Get your data access anywhere and let Rackspace maintain it for you, with automatic software upgrades, auto-backup, and easy data recovery.

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Rackspace Hosting Solutions

Cloud Files
On demand storage and content delivery.
Cloud Sites
Scalable and reliable websites.
Managed Cloud
Cloud server support and management.
Cloud Servers
On demand servers in the cloud.
Simplifying Microsoft SharePoint collaboration.
Load Balancers
Distribute workloads across servers.
OpenStack Services & Support
Control your cloud anywhere you choose.
Managed Hosting
IT support allows maximum effinciency in your IT department.
The power of hybrid hosting for your business.
Managed Virtualization
Create virtual versions of your devices or resources such as operating systems and servers.