Asphalt Patch Master

The Asphalt Patch Master (APM) is a trailer-mounted batch processing unit which mixes and heats Pellet PATCH with virgin aggregate or RAP. The pellets melt and coat the aggregate as it is heated in the APM to a temperature of 350 to 375 degrees F. This equipment allows a two-person road maintenance crew to permanently repair potholes and utility cuts with premium grade hot mix asphalt year-round, including the cold winter months when most hot mix plants are closed. The APM can produce nearly 400 pounds of hot mix in 8-10 minutes.


PelletPATCH is a proprietary Asphalt Binder Material containing a patented mixture of crumb rubber from recycled waste tires, asphalt-cement, hydrated lime, and a blend of other binder additives configured in the form of a dry ambient temperature pellet for convenient storage and cost effective on-demand application. This proprietary pelletized material is a green product, independently laboratory tested to achieve a Performance Grade of 76 -22 or better.

A measured amount of proprietary pelletized material is heated to approximately 350 degrees F, combined with virgin aggregate or RAP in the specially engineered Asphalt Patch Master, resulting in an exceptionally durable blend of Hot Mix Asphalt.


PelletRAP is produced from the patented and licensed technology of Phoenix Industries’ pelletizing equipment that mixes hot asphalt oil with crumb rubber from recycled tires and other proprietary additives. PelletRAP has unlimited shelf‐life and can be stored and transported at ambient temperature.