Phoenix Industries' Asphalt Pelleting Plant

Pellet Plant

PelletPATCH Distributors LLC is the exclusive distributor of PelletPATCH™ and PelletRAP™. The patented products are manufactured in the USA by Phoenix Industries LLC. The product is unique in that allows for the manufacture of "Hot Mix Asphalt On Demand" without the need to visit an asphalt plant. This green product that uses crumb rubber from waste tires to enhance the asphalt is delivered to the job site dry and at ambient temperature. The materials are heated in an Asphalt Patch Master™ ("APM") machine (or any other compatible asphalt recycling machine) at the job site and enable a road repair crew to fix potholes, utility cuts with true "hot mix" asphalt without any waste.

The APM is capable of heating approximately 400 pounds of material in 8 to 12 minutes depending on the ambient temperature. PelletPATCH is added to either properly specified and dried virgin aggregate or screened RAP millings in the proper proportions to produce an asphalt the is equal to or better than most expensive polymer modified or asphalt rubber mixes.

This convenient and efficient green product and process will save municipalities and contractors by allowing them to avoid trips to the asphalt plant, to produce only the amount of mix needed for the job. It will also enable them to eliminate the need for cold patch or other temporary methods used to fill the hole until it is convenient to go to an asphalt plant. Furthermore, if there is a local supply of screened RAP millings the cost of the finished product will be significantly less than going to a hot plant and will simultaneously enable the safe re-use of asphalt that may be sitting in unsightly piles.